Who am I ?

+Creative +Autonomous +Meticulous +Curious +Responsive

Hi, my name is Oriane Soyez and I am a French videographer based in Berlin, Germany. My skills in video include :

- Video editing 
- Post-production (including color-grading, audio correction, and adding effects)
- Video shooting
- Motion graphic design
- Subtitling
- Scriptwriting
- Storyboarding
- ... and a willingness to always improve and discover new ways to work !

I have worked with many clients from various fields. I am mostly looking for creative and artistic projects, such as as music videos and short movies, to put my imagination at work and use my skills at their best. But I also have a lot of experience in corporate videosevent videos, and lifestyle videos, educational videos.

I will create videos that match your needs. I can select instinctively not only good shots, but the right shots for the videos. I am autonomous and creative but always open to your ideas and suggestions. I believe that communication is the key to a great collaboration and results that will match your expectations.
I would love to hear from you !

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